ATTITUDE: Alice’s Rabbit Hole


In my opinion, attitude is the single most important skill to master and the vital tool to acquire.




Once a great attitude is mastered, it allows seemingly impossible tasks to be overcome with ease.

What does that mean for businesses? It provides the owners and their employees with breakthrough abilities to negotiate, sell, motivate as well as the ability to overcome any problems, especially when the root issue is hidden behind misdirected challenges. Notably, attitude is the foundation on which remarkable leaders are created.


I’m sure you have heard “attitude is important” over and over again. You believe you know about attitude. And that you think you have an inherently good one. Well… consider the possibility that you haven’t mastered it quite yet.

FIRST… some realisations:


Realisation One: Attitude = Alice’s Rabbit Hole


EVERYONE has a great attitude when things are going well.

Positivity is drummed into most of us early. The Dale Carnegie’s, Tony Robbins’ and Robert Kiyosaki’s of the world have infiltrated our mainstream psyche and now anyone could talk about positive attitude with some confidence. But very few really understand or actually live it.


To all instant gratification junkies, I’m sorry. Reading this post or any others on the subject will not give you a truly great attitude instantly. Anyone saying different is selling something. Hopefully however, it will open your eyes and give you the opportunity to work on it like a muscle and let it get stronger and stronger over time.

It is like Alice’s rabbit hole – the deeper you go, the more you’ll get it.


Realisation Two: Attitude is NOT…


It is not how you feel or how happy you are. It is not a front, a smile or brave face. Attitude is not emotion.

Attitude is far deeper than any of it.

Realisation Three: Attitude is simple, it is perception.

Attitude is the way a hurdler thinks of a hurdle. A means to an end. Part of the race.

Bad attitudes look at a hurdle and see reasons why the race cannot be run at full speed. Worse attitudes think why the race is now ruined and not worth running at all.


A great attitude sees the hurdle and thinks “look, a new challenge, how will I overcome this?”

Now, it may seem simple and you may be thinking “I’d totally look at the hurdle that last way” but I would challenge you to consider your initial reaction to your last real world problem. Did you really view it in a positive light, instantly like the hurdler?

Last Realisation: Problems happen.


That’s right. Problems happen. They happen all the time. Sometimes the same ones keep appearing and they can be very negative. No matter your business, job or personal circumstance problems will happen. What you do about it is where attitude comes in.


I love problems.


Every single great bar story ALWAYS starts with a conundrum. Favourite moments in life had an amazing end that hinged on a less than desirable start or middle. Every great movie overcomes a disaster or difficult situation. It wouldn’t be much of a story if everything just went your way, no problems.


As much as we wish we could change it at times, people love overcoming challenges.

If you want to progress in any business, you need to learn how to approach problems with a good attitude. You need to ensure that you mentally exercise to own a great attitude, and the “problem” won’t feel difficult at all.


OK, so how do you get a great attitude?

Well the boring part is you need to practice. You need to be exposed to problems often, and as time goes on ones with greater scale, impact and from many directions. A true attitude master can receive many issues, while distracted with other tasks, and still have the right attitude, level-mindedness and calm demeanour to take them in their stride, solving each in their correct priority.


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