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Point16 - The origins of our name

Updated: Apr 24

Ever wondered about the origin of the name Point16?  


It’s more than just a catchy title – it’s the juncture where businesses grow from incremental to exponential growth. Think of it as the tipping point, that pivotal moment where ideas, trends or behaviours ignite and spread like wildfire.  


Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s game changing book “The Tipping Point,” our name pays homage to this transformative concept. 


Our roots delve even deeper, tracing back to Everett Roger’s seminal work “Diffusion of Innovations” in 1962. Here, Point16 finds its foundation – a beacon guiding businesses through the labyrinth of growth. 


This is everything we’re about at Point16. Growth. Growth of an idea, growth in revenue or profitability, growing capabilities and helping businesses leverage what they’re great at. We are the ignition in understanding the Tipping Point for the businesses that we work with. 


But why “16”?   


This was inspired by insights from the Adoption Curve, a roadmap to understanding how people embrace new technology. This concept burst into the mainstream vernacular during tech start-up popularity. 


Imagine the adoption curve as a five-stage journey from tech infancy to widespread embrace. 

First up, we have the innovators – the daring 2.5% who live for the thrill of trying something new.   

Then come the early adopters, the trendsetting 13.5% who catch the wave before it hits the mainstream.  

Moving along, we meet the early majority, the cautious 34% who need a bit more convincing but eventually jump on board.  


But watch out for the chasm between early adopters and the early majority – it’s the toughest hurdle to clear, like threading a needle in the process – but also the key to breaking through to exponential growth.  


If you can pass the 2.5%, and the 13.5%, you will reach the 16%. This is the Tipping Point. This is the 0.16 growth chasm. This is Point16


To date we have worked with over 100 businesses of all shapes, sizes, and stages of business from start-ups to corporates in multiple industries. Each business is complex, but we believe business at its core is simple.  


Tipping Point was Malcolm Gladwell’s philosophy. It inspired us to help businesses cross their tipping point, leverage their magic moments, and create momentum for themselves – regardless of their growth goals.  


Point16 is our reminder to do that every day for our clients. 

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