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What we do


We help small and medium​ businesses grow. We work with ​businesses in all industries and pl​an for goals to be achieved, simpl​y and easily. We have multi​ple levels of engagement and models that fit companies of an​y size. 


Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the NZ economy and driven by amazing people doing amazing things.  


Being a business owner can be a lonely place sometimes. If things are uniquely tough or if the business is growing quickly these business owners enter areas they have typically never been before.  


Point16 helps these types of businesses. We are aware of these issues and know how to grow and sustain business growth easily.  

Small & Medium Busiess Support

Multiple levels of engagement

We understand that each business is unique and complex, but we also know business in general is rather simple. We have worked with 100’s of businesses in multiple industries and in all shapes and sizes. This allows us to call on principles, processes and procedures that are proven to work.  


While everything is completely tailorable, from budget to type of engagement, our most common work with small and medium sized businesses involves one or a combination of the following: 


  • Business Strategy / Planning  

  • Business and /or Leadership Coaching 

  • Management / Function training / workshops  

  • Accountability or Governance Advisory 

  • Budget planning 

  • Growth initiatives 

Sustainable Lifestyle Fund 

In 2019, the Point16 directors established the Sustainable Lifestyle Fund (SLF), a boutique private equity fund with a difference. SLF would buy and hold small / medium traditional kiwi businesses and support the management of them for long term, high yield dividends for investors while demonstrating sustainable business practices for its people and environment with practical success.  


The fund would buy great kiwi businesses that were currently profitable, with a tangible product, happy customers, and core team with optimal leverage levels. They would have profitable cashflow to pay down debt and deliver dividends and cover a range of industries that were hard to disrupt and could succeed in tough economies. 

Point16 would support management development, strategy deployment and insert mode 

  • Today P16 supports SLF by: 

  • Running effective board meetings for the OpCos and the fund 

  • Building powerful business strategies 

  • Coaching GMs and leadership teams for accountability and business brilliance 

  • Delivering strategic projects: process change, ops excellence, IT upgrades, market entry, R&D program, business case for major capex, etc. 

  • Running a federated CFO and HR function 


Since the end of 2019, the Fund Unit value has doubled, and we have achieved our revised annual dividend goals. We are on target to achieve 35 – 50% annual dividends from FY25.  

What we do

We understand that every business operates differently. That's why we offer multiple levels of engagement to suit your preferences and budget. Whether you prefer hands-on consultation, comprehensive planning, or ongoing support, we have flexible models that fit your company's needs. 

The same principles that we use to purchase and grow our portfolio of businesses are what we use to help other companies. We believe that real momentum can be achieved by anyone.  


Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Point16 is here to help. We are a group of general and specialised experts who are keen to unlock you growth by giving you advice, third-party endorsement or the principles we use on our own businesses.  

Why choose us?

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