Point16 supports, coaches and
manages companies to grow


SME Coaching

We help small to medium businesses grow. Point16 works with business owners and managers of companies of all shares and sizes to strategise and plan for goals to be achieved simply and easily. 

Corporate Consulting

We have helped many corporates identify innovative opportunities, generate creative internal capability or even design full venture teams, strategies and structure systems to do it themselves.


We work with the Sustainable Lifestyle Fund performing due diligence, acquisition and transition support. We then work with and support the new businesses to to achieve their goals more easily.

What we believe in

At Point16, we’re dedicated to uncomplicating business basics to unlock growth. Business at its core is actually pretty simple. We have a number of proprietary models and philosophies that have proven to easily and sustainably grow companies of all shapes and sizes in multiple industries.

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Our Growth Stories


We’ve worked with over 80 businesses, from retail to recruitment.

From fitness to finance, SME’s to corporates, we’ve worked with it all. We pride ourselves in coaching businesses to unlock their potential and step up to their next level. Growth means different things to different companies and people. We have strategised, curated and coached companies to realise many different growth goals.

  • Financial (revenue, margin and profit); 

  • Customer (market share, customer acquisition, relationship and frequency / basket size); 

  • Geographical (new regions, territories and countries);

  • Product (product and SKU extensions, verticals, new ventures and M&A growth); 

  • Engagement growth (owner work-life balance, staff / leadership capability and wellbeing)